Summer Savings

Like summer, these deals won't last forever.




Book by October 04, 2010

SAMPLE one-way fares*
$159 Los Angeles - Toronto
$179 San Francisco - Toronto


Book by October 07, 2010

SAMPLE one-way fares*
$115 Fort Lauderdale - Toronto
$115 Miami - Toronto
$115 Tampa - Toronto $125 Orlando - Toronto
$265 Palm Springs - Toronto $157 Fort Myers - Toronto
$190 Las Vegas - Toronto $265 Phoenix - Toronto
$383 Honolulu - Toronto $394 Kahului - Toronto


Book by October 12, 2010

SAMPLE one-way fares*
$153 New Orleans - Toronto



SAMPLE one-way fares*
$109 Cleveland - Toronto
$126 New York - Toronto
$179 Philadelphia - Toronto $226 Baltimore - Toronto
$235 Cincinnati - Toronto $243 Charlotte - Toronto
$244 Houston - Toronto $245 Columbus - Toronto
$245 St. Louis - Toronto    




Baggage policy - Economy Class:
A fee of up to $30 (USD) is charged for the second checked bag on flights between the U.S. and Canada. A fee of up to $50 (USD) is charged for the second checked bag on flights between the U.S. and Europe. See complete details on baggage allowance at A different fee may be charged for checked bags by Air Canada partners on the flights they operate.

All fares displayed on this page are in U.S. dollars, per person. Tickets must be purchased by 23:59 EDT/20:59 PDT on the ticketing deadline date. Fares are valid at time of transmission and apply to new bookings only. Learn More.

Certain flights may be operated by other carriers on a codeshare basis. Unless otherwise specified, flights will be operated by Air Canada, Jazz or Star Alliance® member United Airlines or United Express carriers(SkyWest Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines, Shuttle America, Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines or Mesa Airlines) or member Continental Airlines or Continental Express carrier ExpressJet.

Transborder Travel (between U.S. and Canada)
Fares are one-way per person and include carrier surcharges and 7.5% U.S. domestic air transportation tax. Fares do not include Flight Segment Fee of $3.70(USD) per leg, U.S. Immigration User Fee of $7 (USD) and airport Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) of up to $4.50 (USD) per U.S. enplanement, maximum $18 (USD) for a round trip. Fares shown also exclude the September 11th Security Fee is $2.50 (USD) per U.S. enplanement, maximum $10 (USD) for a round-trip. Fares are subject to other taxes, fees and charges. Total taxes, fees and charges are of up to $185 (USD) based on itinerary.

* Touch-screen TVs at every seat are available on all Air Canada-operated aircraft, except on certain Boeing 767's, and on select aircraft operated by Jazz.