Toronto Neighbourhoods

Planning A Toronto Escape: 9 Must See Toronto Neighborhoods

Toronto embodies the heart and spirit of a truly global community. With several exceptional districts providing an eclectic hybrid of various international influences and seamless fusion of modern and classic, this metropolis offers visitors a uniquely diverse, educational and exciting vacation experience for any travel party demographic on any size budget.


Little Italy

Often referred to simply as, “College Street” by the locals, this Canadian borough delivers an authentic piece of the Mediterranean straight to North America. Walk this trendy strip and soak in the distinctly European ambiance. Quality Italian cuisine abounds in the area’s many restaurants sure to satisfy any craving and budget. Stay for the after hour festivities and enjoy live music, a cocktail on one of the many outdoor patios or even Latino dancing.


Abuzz with Asian culture and industry, Chinatown also epitomizes an international hub by embracing influences from all around the world. Take a day trip to enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine at the many restaurants, food stands and Asian markets. Once contentedly satiated, set aside time to visit the region’s many shops or simply pass the hours by people watching the crowds.  


One of the city’s most lively and sophisticated regions, this Toronto neighborhood holds the distinction of the largest Greek concentration in all of North America. Sample authentic and internationally influenced fare at the many cafes, bakeries and restaurants this district boasts. Be sure to designate a petty cash fund to spend at some of the many retailers and jewelry shops.

Kensington Market

A renowned hot spot, Kensington Market is a bohemian melting pot of thrift shops, artisans and restaurants. Densely populated with students, artists, writers and musicians this Canadian borough oozes with eclectic personality. Providing a multitude of experiences for all ages and budgets, this Toronto neighborhood is truly tourist friendly and offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Little India

Embracing Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghan, Pakistani and Sri Lankan influences, this Toronto neighborhood provides a genuine taste and feel of South Asia. Home to over 100 shops and restaurants, tourists from all over the world come to Little India to indulge in the district’s many exotic tastes, sights and sounds. Be sure to visit the Gerrard India Bazaar to experience all the region has to offer.


A community of modern luxury fused with old world charm, this distinguished district boasts exclusive boutique shopping. Additionally, diners can partake in the many quality restaurants suited for any palate or plan excursions to the over 700 galleries to drink in a little local culture.

Queen Street

Bustling with shops, restaurants, café’s, bistros and local atmosphere, this activity-laden street has often been referred to as the Canadian version of NYC’s Soho. Queen Street provides an unparalleled haven for local artists to showcase talents and sell final pieces.  With unique outlets housing many of these artisan goods, this area offers shoppers a one-of-a-kind retail experience.

West Entertainment District

A cultural mecca for theatre and entertainment aficionados, this area is home to countless theatres and movie houses. Sports enthusiasts can also take in a game from one of the four major sports teams housed there and families will also enjoy the many kid-friendly attractions found in this district. Stay after sundown and partake in all nightlife festivities found in this famous region guaranteed to satisfy even the diehard night owls.  

Distillery District

Originally founded in 1832, the Gooderham and Worts Distillery manufactured millions of gallons of distilled whiskey and various other alcoholic libations throughout the 19th century. In its heyday, it was given the distinction of the largest distillery in the British Empire.  However, after the prohibition movement, business dipped and finally in 1990 the plant discontinued operations completely.

Recognizing its historic importance, a development firm purchased much of the area and revamped its exterior.  Holding its grand reopening in 2003, this region seamlessly combines brilliantly artistic culture, creative expression and unadulterated entertainment. The village’s exceptional shops, restaurants, theatres, studios and galleries offer visitors a totally unique Toronto experience. Additionally, the Distillery hosts several musical events throughout the year and is also a huge draw as a movie lot location.  Films such as Chicago, Cinderella Man and The Hurricane have all been filmed here.

Toronto is first-rate cosmopolitan city that offers something exciting for everyone to look forward to. For further information on planning a Toronto escape visit our Calendar of Events page.

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