What to See & Do

You’ll have no trouble finding things to do this summer with all the exciting events going on in Toronto. Review our event listing below and start planning your adventure today!

Toronto Nightlife
Toronto is a place to see and be seen when the sun goes down. An impressive list of night time diversions will keep you going until the sun comes up again. ...Learn More
Architecture, Old and New
As Architecture suddenly becomes one of the most popular cultural pursuits of our age, many of the most important architects on the planet are working in Toronto.  Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Lord Norman Foster and Will Alsop, along with some of the best local firms, are not only bringing the city to the attention of a wider audience, they have also become significant contributors to the creation of a new image of the city.

To date the most controversial scheme has been the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).  Designed by Daniel Libeskind before he got the World Trade Center commission in New York in 2003 but after the Jewish Museum opened in Berlin in 1995, the Crystal has all the in-angularity one would expect of the architect. Selected by Conde Nast Traveller in May 2008 as one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Before the reopening of the ROM in 2007, much of the city’s attention was on Will Alsop’s “flying tabletop” at the Ontario College of Art & Design.  It too was disparaged when unveiled in 2004, but has since become one of the city’s most popular architectural icons.

The jewel of the city’s cultural projects, however, is the smallest, the Gardiner Museum.  The original building, designed in the 1980s, was an apologetic Modernist undertaking, now brought to life by one of Toronto’s leading architectural firms – Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumburg Architects (KPMB).  In its new incarnation, the Gardiner ranks amongst the finest and most urban spaces in the city.

Of all the cultural projects, however, it will likely be the Gehry’s remake of the Art Gallery of Ontario that wins the hearts and minds of Torontonians.  Though it won’t be finished until late 2008, it has already been widely praised.  The most spectacular feature is the glazed atrium, Galleria Italia, which extends along the entire front of the building like a giant visor.  Toronto ...Learn More
The CN Tower
Designated as one of the “seven wonders of the modern world” by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1995, the CN Tower remains a local tribute to architectural ingenuity and human achievement.  Yet, as new tall buildings all over the world are finally posing a challenge, the Tower remains the flagpole upon which an entire county hangs its flag.

From every vantage point, your first sight of the CN Tower gracing the City of Toronto’s night skyline is unforgettable.

Visit the CN tower at night for spectacular views of the city lights spreading below you and off into the distance.  Dine in 360 Restaurant to experience wonderful cuisine to rival the view.

Make the CN Tower your first sight at night. ...Learn More
Ignite your creativity.  Luminato, Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity, throws the city’s spotlight on the creativity of Toronto, Canada, and the world.  Join us for 10 days of Canadian and world premieres, special celebrations, and unexpected encounters with art.  Don’t miss it!

With 90+ cinematic events, this international arts festival brings the creative spirit to every street corner of the city.

June 6-15
...Learn More
Caribana 2008
North America’s biggest Caribbean carnival event celebrates its 41st year with a spectacular parade of 20+ bands performing and numerous exciting festivals citywide. ...Learn More
Nuit Blanche
For one dreamy night residents and visitors explored unfamiliar corners of the city or encountered familiar destinations transformed by artists. They discovered everything from interactive video art, a balloon maze, and steamy saunas to floating clouds, Parisian vampires, and a pom-pom exchange. Thousands experienced an intergalactic miracle, prehistoric fish swimming in storefront windows, and a sweater-wearing building. And who can forget the gargantuan locust in Lamport Stadium, the Brazilian festival in the heart of Toronto, Toronto’s ghost station in Yorkville, and a chocolate stag in Trinity Bellwoods Park!
Dirty Dancing
The summer of 1963, when everybody called me Baby and it didn’t occur to me to mind

“That was before President Kennedy got shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps and when I thought I’d never find me a guy as great as my dad.  That was the summer we went to Kellerman’s.”  With more than twenty brand new scenes written especially for the stage, this is the season you’ll go back – carrying watermelons.
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Toronto Sports
With a team in every professional sport, Toronto is a town that knows its box scores.  But it’s the oldest football club in North America, the back-to-back World Series Champs and one of the NHLs original six teams that attract the city’s most devoted fans spanning generations. ...Learn More
Just for Laughs
The collective laughter stirred by Just for Laughs in Montreal was apparently too much funny for one city to take. The 26-year comedy institution will be rolling its fearless brand of international comedy back into Toronto for the second time ever. Get ready to laugh, drop and roll. ...Learn More