Toronto Neighborhoods

Toronto Neighborhoods

Planning A Toronto Escape: 9 Must See Toronto Neighborhoods

Toronto embodies the heart and spirit of a truly global community. With several exceptional districts providing an eclectic hybrid of various international influences each neighborhood shows visitors a uniquely diverse side of Toronto. Explore our list of the nine neighborhoods you must see while you're in town and if you have more time or need ideas for your return visit you can read about additional districts here: More of Toronto's Top Neighborhoods.

Little Italy:

Walk this trendy strip and soak in the distinctly European ambiance

Often referred to simply as, “College Street” by the locals, this Canadian borough is the perfect place for an authentic Italian dish.

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One of the largest Chinatown´s outside of China

Abuzz with Asian culture and industry, Chinatown in Toronto also epitomizes an international hub by embracing influences from all around the world. (photo by SnapHappyExpat)

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This Toronto neighborhood holds the distinction of the largest Greek concentration in all of North America. Sample authentic and internationally influenced fare at the many cafes, bakeries and restaurants this district boasts.

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Kensington Market:

Countless shops, restaurants, and artist lofts comprise this internationally popular Hot Spot.

Both wallet and guest friendly, this Canadian Bohemian borough provides a one of a kind shopping experience and diverse culture.

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Little India:

Home to over 100 shops and restaurants, tourists from all over the world come to Little India to indulge in the districts´ many exotic tastes, sights and sounds. Be sure to visit the Gerrard India Bazaar to experience all the neighborhood has to offer.

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A community of modern luxury fused with old world charm, this distinguished district boasts exclusive boutique shopping. Additionally, diners can partake in the many quality restaurants suited for any palate or plan excursions to the over 700 galleries to drink in a little local culture.

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Queen Street:

Bustling with shops, restaurants, café´s, bistros and local atmosphere, this activity-laden street has often been referred to as the Canadian version of NYC´s Soho.

Queen Street provides an unparalleled haven for local artists to showcase their talent. It has everything from trendy chic to vintage funky.

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Entertainment District:

A cultural mecca for theatre and entertainment aficionados, this area is home to countless theatres and movie houses.

Sports enthusiasts can also take in a game from one of the four major sports teams housed there and the area has a thriving nightlife.

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Distillery District:

Originally founded in 1832, the Gooderham and Worts Distillery manufactured millions of gallons of distilled whiskey and various other alcoholic libations throughout the 19th century. In its heyday, it was given the distinction of the largest distillery in the British Empire.

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Toronto is a first-rate cosmopolitan city that offers something exciting for everyone to look forward to. To find exciting events and festivals to attend while you're in Toronto visit our Calendar of Events page.