Toronto Restaurants

Toronto Restaurants

Bring your appetite with you when you visit. Toronto restaurants will satisfy your palate with mouth-watering and exquisite authentic flavors. Enjoy fresh produce, choice meats, grains, dairy, seafood and only the finest ingredients coupled with recipes from around the globe, resulting in some of the most delectable dining experiences the world has to offer.

Enjoy Toronto dining with culinary creations from world-renowned chefs. Savor Canadian specialties such as sizzling Canadian steak hot off the grill and succulent fresh lobster (among the best in the world). Thanks to the city’s broad ethnic mix, Toronto features over 9,000 restaurants reflecting global tastes, cultures and ingredients, serving authentic dishes from Italy to India, Greece to Ethiopia and everywhere in-between. From traditional fare to fusion cuisine, sushi, curry and more, whatever you crave for, Toronto can satisfy any taste.

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Don’t miss unique culinary events held throughout the year, including the Pilaros Taste of the Danforth Greek Festival in August, and the city’s ever-popular prix fixe food festivals Summerlicious, Winterlicious and many more - visit our Calendar of Events for a full list.

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